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Tarot card readings by Dee

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If you would like a tarot card reading send me an e-mail and I will send you the information you need for a reading. Readings are $10.
Just send me an e-mail at
I can also be cantacted through keen by keen mail name ICEDEE
Also get free reading by joining keen.

Tarot card Readings

HI EVERYONE !! EMAIL ONLY!! I AM VERY EXP,KIND,LOVING AND ACCURATE I REQUIRE DETAILS,YOUR FEELINGS ARE EXTREMELY VITAL BE OPEN,.AND PUT IN THE EMAIL ALL OF THESE THINGS SUCH AS NAME,MONTH OF BIRTH..GENDER, I AM CLAIRVOYIANT AND READ TAROT,AND TUNE DEEPLY INTO YOUR SOUL, I WILL NEVER TALK ABOUT SPELLS OR LOTTERY. I BELIEVE THAT I WAS PUT HERE TO HELP PEOPLE. I WILL HELP IN ANY WAY THAT I CAN. YOU CAN ASK ABOUT JOBS, MONEY, FUTURE. My readings are compassionate, respectful, deep, and heartfelt. I'll do my best to clearly relate exactly what I get. The degree to which you're open to subtle energy will help make your reading faster and easier for me and will provide you with much, much more information. Your openness can even make your reading a more rewarding experience! E-mail readings are $10.

Price: $10

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