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Get to know me.

My name is Denetra Weaver. I am 39 years old, married and a mother of three boys, ages 10, 14, 18 and a 3 year old daughter. I work as a City Carrier for the post office. I started sweepstaking almost thirteen years ago. But I did not really start winning until I starting receiving sweepstakes newsletters I currently subscribe to SweepSheet Newsletter. I won my first two prizes from my first issue of Winning Magazine. An automatic Kodak camera, and $600 worth of Genesis games for the kids.

I have also won $1,000 in groceries $100 of which was won for my brother and $100 worth for a co-worker. I have won a free weekend night stay at the Marriot with $50 certificate from Budget Gourmet, $100 from Keebler cookies, $100 from Contest Newsletter on my first try. Also won 20 phone cards, twenty t-shirts, 15 caps, over 200 postcards half of which I won from the Isreali site thanks to some good freinds at the Alaskan guest book of Sweepstakes Online. I won a musical Etch-a-Skecth, Hair dryer and $175 in the weekly SHARC Golf Contest that gives away $500 weekly these three I won on the web. I tied for 1st place But its still a great prize. I won a trip to Groove Blenders Party at Cesears Palace in Las Vegas with 106 entries. This is the most entries that I ever sent.

We were unable to go so they let us have the $250. I sent in 88 entries to craft and won a weber grill set. I was going for the free airfare for two. And I won A weekend stay at the Marriot Golf Resort in Scottsdale Arizona for my husband from Ramblin with Ramsey on the web. I have also won a Dallas Cowboy watch and Babe Ruthe watch which I gave to my husband. I have won $500 cash for college for my son Aaron. And a bike for him and Reginal also. I have won coffee, cocoa and tea. @ Dallas Cowboy winbreakers and three other jackets. Two $100 gift certificates for Tickemaster. My biggest win has been to Malibu Beach California from Gillete 5 years ago. It came with a $5,000 shopping spree. We stayed for 5 days and were picked up and taken back to the airport in a limo. What fun we had. In the past 2 years I have won a 43" TV, a diamond bracelet for me and my mother and a watch for my sister in the JC peney sweeps and 4 trips to the Astros games from Coca-cola 1 being for my sister and a chance for my son to be ball boy for the day for the Rockets. I also recently won a dell computer from Bill Heard Chevrolet by sending 5 entries from newspaper ads in decorated envelopes.

I send at least 1 to 3 entries for every sweepstakes that I am interested in. And 10-20 If I really want to win and they are giving away over 100 prizes. I will even send more entries if they are giving away over 500 prizes. I mail 250 a month and enter 200-400 a month by internet. I also belong to a sweepstakes group in Houston (The SW HOUSTON SWEEPERS) who have help me to win most of my local prizes this year. You can sometimes win multiple by sending in lots of entries if they are giving away hundreds of prizes. I try to mail my entries through out the sweepstakes. And I try to mail more towards the end of the sweeps not less than 5 days from the ending date. I sucribe to 3 sweepstakes newsletters 1 being an online sweepstakes news letter. This inables you to find out about twice as many sweepstakes. Its alot of info and sometimes hard to keep up with. But I still have fun. I am not an expert. But will be glad to answer any questions that you may have about sweepstakes. Just e-mail me any time and I will try to get back with you within 24 hours. Take care and win the big one.

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Denetra Weaver

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